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    March 23, 2020
    As we all strive to find a normal and look for ways to support our local businesses here in Okeechobee, the Chamber is sharing as much, as possible, information that has been  provided to us.  Let’s continue to find ways to support each other in these days of ever changing rules, regulations and uncertainties.  Let’s be certain and show we care.

    The following restaurants are all Chamber business members and we are looking to support them.  Please remember to reach out to them for any of your take out orders.   These updates are as of today…March 23.  Please remember to check for any changes due to the uncertainty of regulations surrounding COVID-19.
    • Applebee’s -  Open from 12 Noon – 9 or 10p.m. – Take outs only, no walk ins.  You can order online or phone your order in at 357-0141.  Their menu is on FB or their online site at applebee’s.com.
    • Blue Moon BBQ – Food truck located at 70 East next to Race Trac…..Open 11am – 6p.m Tue - Thur..  You can walk up or call/text ahead to order at 801-4394 .  Check out their menu online or their FB page.
    • Brown Cow Sweetery – Open from 8am – 4pm M-F and Sat 8am-2pm.  Takeout and delivery. Call ahead for your to go order at 357-3357.  Quiche, bagels/cream cheese, sandwiches, salads ..lunch type items. Check out their menu on FB.
    • Lakeside Restaurant – Will be closing temporarily.  They will notify me as soon as they are able to reopen.
    • Los Cocos – Open T-F from 10:30am- 8pm and closes at 6:30pm on Sat.  Take out only and you can order by phone at 467-0922.  You can also order at their take out window or walk in to take out.  Check out their online menu at eatloscocos.com.
    • McDonald’s South 441 (towards the lake) – No dining in, however, you can order inside for takeout as well as use the drive-thru.  Drive thru open 24 hrs. and their mobile app allows you to order and pay ahead of time and it will be brought out to your vehicle.  Inside closing at 11:00pm.
    • Nutmeg’s – Open 10:30am-6pm M-F and 11:00 – 3pm on Sat & Sun.  Take outs only – phone at 763-2233 or walk in to order.  Check out their menu online at nutmegscafe.net.  Also check out their daily specials on FB.
    • Okeechobee Livestock Market – Restaurant – Open on Mon and Tues  from 10am-2pm for takeout only.  You can call ahead at 763-3127 or walk in and order.  Check out their FB page for their menu.
    • Okeechobee Shrine Club – Will be CLOSED temporarily...
    • Pubelo Viejo – Call or come in for takeout orders only – Open M-Sun from 11am-8pm.  You can check their online menu at puebloviejofl.com
    • Tin Fish –  Is reopening TOMORROW and will be open from 11am - 8pm M-Sun.  $2 off every plate!  Take out only with curb service, call ahead for daily specials as they will be posted on their FB page. FREE LOCAL Delivery from 11am - 7pm.
    • Zaxby’s – Open M-Thur and Sun from 10:30am – 9:30pm and Fri and Sat 10:30am – 10:00pm.  You can stop in and order, call ahead at 357-1466 or order through their drive-thru.  Check out their menu online at zaxbys.com. 
    Paulette Wise, Executive Director
    (863) 467-6246