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  • Business Disaster Preparedness Plan

    Business Disaster Preparedness Plan

    Planning for man-made and natural disasters is critical for associations. It helps protect your organization and your livelihood. It also supports your employees, your members, the community, and the economy.

    Start by identifying who should participate in coordinating the plan. Then carefully assess how your organization functions to determine which staff, materials, procedures, and equipment are absolutely necessary to keep operating.

    Here’s a basic overview to help you get started:
    • Create a plan for employees
    • Include an emergency payroll system
    • Talk to co-workers with disabilities
    • Plan for evacuation
    • Create a shelter-in-place plan
    • Make a fire safety plan
    • Prepare for medical emergencies
    • Stock emergency supplies
    • Learn how to secure buildings and equipment
    • Plan for utility disruptions
    • Assess building air protection
    • Improve cybersecurity
    • Review insurance coverage
    • Coordinate with others
    • Review plans annually
    • Practice the plan regularly
    • Promote family and individual preparedness
    • Support employee health after a disaster

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