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  • Be Ready to Adapt to Challenges

    • Anticipate and prepare for challenges. No matter how prepared you are, you may find that some elements of reopening your business are more difficult than you expected. You may need to change directions quickly and make swift decisions to overcome obstacles.
    • Check in with your employees. During your first few weeks of operating "normally" again, frequently check with your staff and see how they are feeling. See if there is anything you can do to make their jobs easier or give them greater peace of mind about their health and safety.
    • Know that you will not get it perfect on day one. Mistakes may happen as you execute your reopening plan. If something goes wrong, quickly acknowledge the situation and let employees and customers know how you are making it right.
    • Create formal and informal processes for getting feedback. Listening to your employees, customers, vendors, and partners during this time is critical for your future success. Have one-on-one conversations, share polls on social media and send out anonymous surveys via email to encourage your stakeholders to share their thoughts.
    • Analyze your sales data, customer behavior and ROI. Your numbers likely will not bounce back right away, especially if you have changed your product or service offering. Keep an eye on your business analytics to understand what is working and what is not.
    • Gauge the overall community response. Pay attention to what customers are saying about you (and your competitors) as everyone adjusts to your industry's operational changes. Take customer suggestions seriously and always acknowledge anyone who mentions your business directly.

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